The media-driven attack on homeopathy has been one of the most egregiously pernicious assaults on any enemy of the culture warriors of the postmodern era. It has been deeply disingenuous throughout its long war of attrition against homeopathy.

I fought long and hard against it and endured any number of ad hominem attacks on various social media some from named people (eg Edzard Ernst and Andy Lewis) but often against another phenomenon of postmodernism, the yellow-bellied coward who bullies others while hiding behind a pseudonym. Dana Ullman has fought the good battle throughout and his article here is one of many salvos against those whom I've dubbed 'the disciples of scientism'.

So WHY is the attack disingenuous? Because these 'sceptics' actually KNOW that homeopathy really does work! Their self-righteous vitriol stems from the fact that they don't like HOW they think it works. They, unlike Dana, me and half a million homeopaths in India and many more thousands in other places as Dana points out, are convinced it works by the placebo effect. ie It is "only" the consultation that makes the patient feel better. Here's the rub: If the patient feels better after an hour conversation with another human being once a month, that's a lot cheaper than therapy - even if you believe it's 'only placebo'.

The only thing that matters to patients is OUTCOME and every OUTCOME STUDY I've ever seen shows that homeopathy heals and not just temporarily either as Spence et al show here in a study not listed above but one of my absolute favourites to throw in the faces of the 'scientismists': https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16296912/

These sceptics are 'offended' by the fact that people get better from seeing homeopathic practitioners and taking their medicines. It is an insult to patients, doctors, the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath and the mosst famous Hippocratic dictum of all: Primum non nocere. (First do no harm) with which homeopathy most certainly abides.

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Great job, Dana, and thanks for speaking the truth. It seems the FDA is quietly shutting down several homeopathic pharmaceutical companies and remedies are harder to obtain. If this prejudiced assault continues, society’s health will continue to decline, and freedom to choose will be lost. As if Big Pharma doesn’t have enough power and money. Let’s figure out how to fight these powers and keep homeopathy alive

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Thank you for writing this blog, Dana. I think we all know that it is the usual thing - GREED- that is at the bottom of the assaults on Homeopathy. Big Pharma makes way too much money on medicines that do not work nearly as well.

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